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FAQs About Coaching with Tracy
What is coaching?
"The coach facilitates a reflective process for the purpose of enhancing the participant's self-awareness and empowered decision-making and action in order to increase fulfillment at work and in life."
- Tracy Fitzpatrick

A career coach helps you become more skilled at creating the life you truly want. With a coach as your facilitator, you gain insight into yourself and clarity about your life and career goals.
Coaching techniques include clarifying values, visioning, exploring perspectives, brainstorming, goal setting, planning, accountability, asking clarifying questions, making requests and posing challenges.
The purpose of coaching is for you to develop further insights about yourself, to clarify your goals, to hold your focus on these goals and to provide support as you progress toward achieving them.
The assumption in coaching is that the client is creative and resourceful. The coach's expertise is in guiding the process so that you make self-aware decisions about your life choices.
As a career development specialist, I also provide "how-to" guidance about the job search process:
  • How to gather information about a field or job of interest
  • How to build your network of contacts and professional allies
  • How to present yourself clearly and powerfully
  • How to stand out in the job application process
  • How to decide about a job offer
  • How to negotiate effectively
What are the results of coaching?
  • You will clarify your interests, wishes, values and life purpose.
  • You will define your accomplishments and strengths.
  • You will set career goals and take specific steps towards reaching those goals.
  • You will improve your self-presentation and performance in your job search.
  • You will identify job opportunities and position yourself as a stand-out job candidate.
  • You will recognize internal and external obstacles to achieving your goals and develop successful strategies for overcoming these obstacles.
  • You will design perspectives that empower you to live a quality life and to make choices that support your vitality and authenticity.
  • When job offers come, you will make discerning, informed decisions and effectively negotiate the terms of employment.
Who are your clients?
I have worked with people of all ages from 20 through 75. The common denominator is that they are motivated to grow and to live authentically and fully! Coaching works powerfully if combined with your willingness and effort.
How long does coaching take?
The length of coaching really is up to you and varies depending on where you are in the job search process:
  • Have you identified a clear career direction?
  • How many jobs or fields of interest do you wish to explore?
  • Do you have a good network of contacts in your profession of interest?
  • How much time and effort can you put in to the job search process?
  • How much coaching support is helpful to you?
I design a pace and agenda with each client that suits his or her priorities, budget and scheduling.
Throughout our coaching relationship, we will engage in direct and personal conversations. You can count on me to be honest and straightforward, to ask clarifying questions and to use a variety of coaching tools.
If our coaching is not beneficial to you or is frustrating or disappointing in any way, PLEASE raise this with me. Let me know at any time if there is something about the coaching you would like to change. Of course, I love feedback about what is working as well.
You will know when you are done with coaching, and we will end with a final session that reviews what you have learned and accomplished.
How often do you meet with clients?
At the beginning of our coaching, we will decide how to best schedule our appointments and then continue to check in periodically to be sure that the pace always suits you. There is no one formula for coaching. We will design the pace and process that works best for you. Sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom.
What happens between coaching sessions?
That is up to you. I will make requests of you that suggest an inquiry and/or action. In all cases, please respond honestly whether you accept, decline or want to alter this step to better suit you.
You may find that you get the most from a coaching session if you come with a specific focus in mind. I suggest you spend a few minutes before a session reflecting on your thoughts and actions over the week.
If you would like to share a success, reflection, question or problem between meetings, please feel free to email me. I am always pleased to hear what is on your mind and will be sure to address any questions or issues before or during our next appointment.
What do you charge for coaching?
I offer a sliding fee scale based on household income. Contact me for more detail or for a complimentary sample session in which we can design a process that suits your needs and budget.
Is coaching confidential?
Yes. Our coaching relationship is completely confidential. You may feel free to share your coaching experience with others, but I do not tell anyone that you are a client or discuss any content of our coaching with anyone in a way that would reveal your identity.
How do I learn more about you and about coaching?
If you are considering coaching and would like to know more, please click here for a complimentary coaching session. Trying coaching is the single best way to understand how it works.
For more about career coaching or to set up a complimentary coaching session, click here.