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Career Launchers

Career Coaching for Soon-to-Be or Recent Grads and Millennials

  • Are you confused about your future direction and unsure where to begin?
  • Are you transitioning out of college, graduate school or AmeriCorps and wondering what's next?
  • Do you have some ideas about career direction but you are not sure how to get there?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the big unknown facing you after graduation?
You are not alone! The transition from college or graduate school to work can be one of the more daunting transitions in life. You will go from a structured academic environment with certain standards for success to navigating the world of work that goes by different rules of the game. Graduates have many avenues from which to choose and that can easily feel overwhelming.
Your quest: The early twenties are a time of exploring and self-discovery as well as a time to enhance your skills and professional experience. The key is to ground your exploration with intentionality: to make it, as Katherine Brooks says in her book You Majored in What?, a time of "wise wandering" as opposed to chaotic, lost wandering.
Begin with you! A great place to begin is to know tune in to your own values, interests and wishes and to recognize your capabilities and strengths. You can then be deliberate in your discovery process and aim to build skills and accrue experiences that will support you in reaching your professional and personal goals.
In coaching you will explore these questions:
  • Clarify your career vision and your strengths
  • Gather information about areas of professional interest
  • Set career goals
  • Develop a step-by-step plan for achieving those goals and successfully implement these steps
  • Network in areas of professional interest
  • Design an authentic, persuasive presentation of your job history and strengths
  • Land that job
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